"To inspire innovation through meaningful leadership so that, together we can grow and achieve great things."

Business Leader. Tech Expert. True Visionary.

Many people can learn to use new technological tools, or look at data to make educated predictions about the future of our digital workplaces. But few can integrate the raw power of technology with natural leadership and groundbreaking new ideas the way that Shawn Freeman does.

As the founder and former CEO of Calgary-based IT servicer provider TWT Group, Inc., Shawn is now the Founder of The Art of Business Tech. Combining years of entrepreneurial expertise and business leadership with technological innovation and immense community support, Shawn is a down-to-earth ally who is dedicated to making the world a little better – one project at a time.

Recent Press & Media

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Building a Better Future, Together

Building a great community takes effort – each one is the result of many people tirelessly working together for the greater good. Shawn is a supporter of many community initiatives, helping others get opportunities to succeed and make big, positive impacts of their own.

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