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How Bill Gates Learned to Be an Empathetic Leader

The awkward tech leaders of yesteryear no longer cut it — founders must find ways to strengthen their interpersonal skills if they want to thrive.

Remote Work Is Great, But Tech Teams Still Need A Place To Call Home

The Covid-19 pandemic has made remote work more than a trendy experiment — it’s become a necessity to keep employees safe.

Best Advice I Ever Got: Just Focus

Avoid the “shiny thing syndrome” that entrepreneurs are often susceptible to.

5 Steps to Achieve the Future You Want Rather Than the One You Think You Need

Have you outgrown your current career path? Re-establishing your personal road map simply requires a realigned mindset.

Ways to Pursue the Job You Want

When I first started my career, I found myself in a job that I was eager to get promoted out of.

There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Technology in Business

The pandemic has forced business leaders in every industry to modernize at hyper-speed. As these recession-weary leaders determine where to cut expenses, though, some IT leaders are worried that tech might be on the chopping block. 

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