Who Is Shawn Freeman?

Shawn is an Alberta-based tech expert and entrepreneur whose ambition is to enhance the lives of everyone around him through technology, community action, mentorship, or a combination of all three.

In 2011 Shawn founded TWT Group Inc., a managed IT service provider with a human touch. After nine years of hard work, commitment, and inspiring growth, TWT Group was acquired by Fully Managed, an international IT service management company. Today, Shawn is committed to creating a better future through practical innovation and entrepreneurial mentorship.

An Architect of Tomorrow

Every day brings a new opportunity to change the world for the better – opportunities that transcend business ties and simple words. Beyond his work building out Calgary’s reputation as a technological hub of Canada, Shawn devotes substantial time and resources to being a voice and beacon of hope for local communities.

From annual fundraisers for and large donations to the Boys and Girls Club of Calgary, to outspoken advocacy work for small local causes, Shawn inspires people from all walks of life to join him as a partner in the quest for a more equitable and hopeful future.

A Clear Visionary

A self-proclaimed geek and shameless tech enthusiast, Shawn is a trailblazer in the intelligent adoption and application of new technologies. Never one to turn away from a challenge, he quickly embraces and learns from mistakes in order to deliver relatable, confident advice for those who look up to him.

With over a decade of experience in running successful businesses and rewriting the old rules of customer interaction and company culture, Shawn’s critical eye and hard-won insights make him uniquely capable of seeing the best way forward.

A Humble Leader

On the street, you’d never guess that Shawn is a major national IT figure with multiple corporate awards under his belt. His focus on genuine relationships, empathetic service, and calm humility in every situation make him an excellent role model for those wondering how to inspire their own teams.

As a CEO, his reputation for incredible work culture and employee loyalty set a new benchmark for the industry – and that approachable, friendly attitude makes him an invaluable resource for mentorship, personal growth, strategic planning, and long-term success.

A Guide to Enhancing Life

Using technology to its full potential is about more than just the latest apps and hardware. It’s about customizing the technology experience to individual client needs – creating practical solutions that increase efficiency, profits, and quality of life.

As a person or business reliant on technology to keep your operations going, the best experience for you is one that gives you total confidence and peace of mind in any situation. And that enhanced feeling of security and satisfaction is one of Shawn’s specialties.

Get in touch

Whether you’re leading, learning, or simply trying to make a difference, Shawn can help you along the way.